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[when israel was in egypt land] let my cameron go - Beauty inside
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Subject:[when israel was in egypt land] let my cameron go
Time:08:29 pm

1) Name - dinah. as in, someone's in the kitchen with.
2) Age - 21
3) Location - chicago

4) Actors johnny depp, joaquin phoenix, morgan freeman, denzel washington
5) Actresses angelina jolie, kathy bates
6) Movies empire records, sleepless in seattle, the last unicorn, the shawshank redemption, stand by me, inventing the abbotts, fried green tomatoes, little shop of horrors
7) Songs "lean on me," "if you could read my mind" by gordon lightfoot, the entire little shop of horrors soundtrack
8) Bands</b> the supremes, prozzak, rockapella, the goo goo dolls, van halen, artificial joy club
9) Artists jack johnson, howie day, ben lee, lionel richie
10) Books charlotte's web by e.b. white, the harry potter series, john grisham's the testament. actually, i like mostly anything written by grisham. legal thrillers are great.

Opinions [elaborate, please]~
5) Abortion i'm a pro-choice pro-lifer. i think it's the taking of a life, which is wrong, but it's not my place to make that decision for any other woman.
6) Suicide saying it's not the way out, that it's selfish is the easy answer. do you really think that's going to matter to someone who just wants it all to be over? i think it's a problem that isn't addressed nearly enough.
7) War while sometimes war can be justifiable and even necessary, mostly it's not. also, bush and cheney and their rich friends should be overseas fighting, not people that have nothing to do with their contrived reasons for being over there.
8) Organised religion i think there's nothing wrong with people of the same ideals and beliefs coming together for fellowship and understanding, and to share their belief systems.

9) What movie/TV/fictional character do you feel you are most like? i'm not so sure now, but in high school i felt a lot like sarah rue's character on that show "popular."
10) If you could have 2 celebrities for parents, who would they be? tim allen and ellen degeneres
11) If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be and why? i don't think i'd change anything, i'm pretty happy with the way i look, but i wish my skin weren't so fair. sunburns are not fun.
12) If you could ban one singer/artist and one actor/actress from ever working again, who would it be and why? andy dick. he is annoying to the umpteenth degree.
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Time:2004-09-06 09:58 am (UTC)
Auto accepted. Pleeeease promote. Somewhere. Anywhere.
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[when israel was in egypt land] let my cameron go - Beauty inside
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