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let my cameron go! - Beauty inside
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Subject:let my cameron go!
Time:05:47 pm

1) Name - Merisa
2) Age - 15
3) Location - New York

4) Actors - Matthew Lillard
5) Actresses - Angelina Jolie
6) Movies - SLC punk, detroity rock city, gladiator, braveheart, 13 ghosts, and monster
7) Songs - teenage dirtbag by wheatus and turncoat by anti-flag
8) Bands - Mest, Brand New, Blink-182, and Bowling For Soup
9) Artists - any kind of art fascinates me
10) Books - speak, go ask alice, and alice in wonderland

Opinions [elaborate, please]~
5) Abortion - I feel that its a form of murder when you could just do adoption but if someone really feels that its the only option for them, then I think it's okay.
6) Suicide - Life has its ups and downs. the good always follows the bad so if you just wait it out, everything will start to get better. Its just the easy way out.
7) War - war is scary. its an awful thing. I'm really not sure why we have to fall back on killing each other. I just don't get why nations can't talk issues out but then again other countries aren't willing to do so and the only way they'll take something seriously is by resulting to war.
8) Organised religion - I'm not sure how so many different opinions have originated off of a bible, that interests me. religion gives individuals faith and helps them live their life they best they can. although I'm not all that religious.

9) What movie/TV/fictional character do you feel you are most like? - The main character in the book Speak, but like myself, I don't talk much about what I'm really thinking.
10) If you could have 2 celebrities for parents, who would they be? - Vanilla Ice and Angelina Jolie. now that'd be interesting.
11) If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be and why? - nothing because I am who I am really and tahts all I wanna be.
12) If you could ban one singer/artist and one actor/actress from ever working again, who would it be and why? - Kevin Lyttle..that song just kills me. It sounds like hes a drag queen. (nothign wrong with that but still..)

Optional Pic~ I'll post a pic. once I get some good ones. :-D

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let my cameron go! - Beauty inside
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