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Let my Cameron go! - Beauty inside
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Subject:Let my Cameron go!
Time:11:29 am
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1) Name - Callie
2) Age - 14
3) Location - South Carolina.

4) Actors - Johnny Depp
5) Actresses - Julia Stiles
6) Movies - Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Thirteen, Gothika
7) Songs - too many to name.. one of them is 'Bonus Mosh Part 2' by Taking Back Sunday
8) Bands - Taking Back Sunday, Story of the Year, The Rasmus, Smile Empty Soul, Three Days Grace.. and SO many more..
9) Artists - Ashlee Simpson
10) Books - Message in a Bottle, Beauty, Summer of my German Soldier.. many more.. too lazy to type them..

Opinions [elaborate, please]~
5) Abortion - I am pro-choice.  I don't think I would ever get one, but I would not stand in the way of another woman's choice to get one.  The only way I would be against it is if it were being used as a form of birth control.
6) Suicide - There is always another way out.  I don't think that killing yourself should be a way to solve your problem when in the end it hurts the people who cared for you.  I just think there is a better way out.
7) War - I am not for it.  I just think we could try to talk it over or whatever.  I know I probably sound like some sort of hippie.  But it's how I feel.
8) Organised religion - I think it is a good way to help people with some of the same beliefs come together.

9) What movie/TV/fictional character do you feel you are most like? - Wow, that's hard.  There are so many characters to think about.  I think I would say Marvin the Martian, off of cartoons just because he's so cool :).
10) If you could have 2 celebrities for parents, who would they be? - uhm.  I would have to say Oprah nd whoever she is married to.  I really didn't know who to choose, so I just picked her, I don't know why.  Maybe it's because she's got so much money.  haha.
11) If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be and why? - I would change how short I am, I would like to be atleast 3 inches taller.
12) If you could ban one singer/artist and one actor/actress from ever working again, who would it be and why? - Hilary Duff, she gets paid for having no talent what-so-ever.  I know a lot of people dislike her, but I honestly can not stand her for some odd reason.

Optional Pic~ 

don't have one available right now :\

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Let my Cameron go! - Beauty inside
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